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Quick explainer - 88SOCIAL

How does the 88SOCIAL work?


We design and deliver

We design up your social media posts and send them back ready to go up on your socials.


Log your brief

Log your design brief via our design portal . Provide as much detail as possible


Sign Up

Register with EIGHTY8, on the  88SOCIAL plan. 





Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

There is a minimum 3 month contract. After the 3 months is up, it becomes a month to month subscription which you can cancel at any time. To cancel simply email us at and request a cancellation of your account. It's as simple as that.

Are they branded?

They sure are. Just provide us details of your brand and we will ensure that all designs stay in line with your brand identity.

Do you provide content?

Unfortunately we don't. We are just designers and you really don't want us writing content for you LOL! You are welcome to shoot us over your content that will go into the social post designs and we can make it look pretty.

Do you also post it to our social media?

Unfortunately not. We will design up the social posts. But once we deliver the designed posts back to you, it's up to you to post it on your social media platform.

What platforms do you design for?

Facebook LinkedIn Instagram and if there is another platform you want to have your branded 88SOCIAL package designed for, just let us know which one and the dimensions if you have it, and we should be able to do it for you. To be on the safe side, let us know prior to signing up so we can investigate it for you and save you money.

How many designs can I get?

It's unlimited so you can request as many designs as you want. We work on 1 design at a time.

What is the 88 SOCIAL?

The UNLIMITED SOCIAL is a monthly graphic design specifically for social media designs. - Custom branded social media designs Each month you can send through as many requests as you want and we design them up for you. We work on 1 design at a time so you can log them all at once or throughout the month and we design our way through them. When we deliver them to you, they will be sized and ready for you to post. It also comes with unlimited revisions, so we if get it wrong or you would like a change, just let us know and we will amend.

What is an Instagrid?

An instagrid is the main grid display of Instagram profiles. They are always displayed in rows of 3. Some businesses and influencers use this display as a design feature by having their posts designed to form part of a larger display to promote their brand. You can check out our portfolio for examples of what an Instagrid looks like.

What is a Carousel design?

A carousel design is a series of slides designed to form part of a longer display of information. Essentially it is using multiple designed posts to help illustrate information to its audience. A carousel is a great way to grab the attention of your audience getting them to swipe through the carousel designs and providing a call to action at the end to get them to engage.

What if I have more than 1 brand?

If you wanted to get social media designs for another business or brand, then you can simply purchase another plan to get unlimited designs for it. We will provide you with a nice discount, all you need to do is ask :)

Can I get edits done?

Yes of course. The monthly plan comes with unlimited edits as well.

Do I need to supply you all my design requests in one go?

Nope. You can provide it whenever you want so long as you are a subscribed member.

Support Team

Local Australian support who you can call to discuss your designs with.

Save Time

Give us your social media content  and we will design it up for you.

On Brand

Designed to suit your business brand and identity. 

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